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Arokea Agro Farms

Arokea Agro Farms is a Public Limited Company, incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. Our company is promoted by dedicated entrepreneurs having vast experience in different fields of Constructions,Hotels, Agricultural Farming, Garments, Industry and Services.


Reprogressing the impediments of existing rural and agro waste administration systems and reinstating them with most conceivable techniques by achieving the best gainfulness proportion of horticulture by using the accessible assets viably.


Arriving at the best stature of horticulture by fusing progressed innovations, fitting philosophies, Research and Development and there by accomplishing the new measurements of agri business.

Aim and Focus

Arokea Agro Farms also strives to provide equipment and information to faster Farming industry development and success.Our main aim is more profitable than those currently available in the market place. We focus on extensive performance recording and the use of modern genetic technology which gives us some quality assurance and thereby also gives our clients extra confidence that they are receiving the best currently on offer.

Agricultural Organic Farms

We are developing Agricultural Organic Farms and all farms will be maintained with higher degree of security and all our Agriculture Farm will give more value appreciation. We adopt eco-friendly farming system in Organic Farming. We follow the integration of biological, cultural and natural inputs including integrated disease and pest management practices.

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